Hi, I'm Matt Leong!

I am web applications developer with 10+ years of experience.
My passion is building powerful and fun tools on the web.


Mailgun by Sinch

Senior Software Engineer (Current)

For my current role, I am mainly focused on setting coding standards, helping guide architectural designs, developing key product features, leading extensive testing initiatives, and enhancing the overall developer experience.

Digital Trends Media Group

Senior Software Engineer (Previous)

Towards the end of my time at DTMG, I led the development for a new ad framework, designed to provide the base for an advertising platform that allowed DTMG and clients to provide a meaningful digital advertising experience to millions of readers a month.

Thursday Market

Software Engineer (Previous)

While my time at Thursday Market was short-lived, since it was my first job as a software engineer, I'll always by thankful for my time there where I implemented user-focused UI features, utilizing social media APIs an enhanced user experince.



CosmicNvim is a Neovim distribution specifically built for web developers.
It’s designed to make coding simpler, more efficient, and fun! It offers an enhanced coding experience, making it a handy tool for any web developer’s toolkit.
Check it out on GitHub!

Tools & Skills



My bread and butter.



React is great, what can I say?



Powers this website!

React Query

Tanstack Query

Fantastic tool to keep sites from making unnessesary network requests.



Having confidence in your code is important.